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Superlative engine rebuilding, mechanical restoration and service since 1963

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Engine Rebuilding

There are hundreds of shops that claim they can rebuild a pre-war Rolls-Royce or Bentley engine.  There are only a handful with the mix of knowledge, experience, tooling and attention to detail to do the job right.  For more than 40 years, The Vintage Garage has been a member of this exclusive group of specialists.

While there is a temptation to use a local race shop or farm the job out to a mechanic with experience in other engines, the skills do not always apply.  And there are no shortcuts and no room for error when it comes to the powerplant.  

The Vintage Garage can do complete, turnkey engine restorations.  But we also welcome the opportunity to work with owners who would like to be involved in the project themselves.  We are glad to tackle the technical aspects of the rebuild while helping an owner/enthusiast to have fun (and save money!) by working on other areas of the rebuild themselves.

Engine services include:

  • Removal from car, dismantling and diagnosis
  • Rebuilding of heads, blocks, crankshafts and other major components
  • Line boring of babbited bearings
  • Fitting of pistons and rods including fitting postwar rods to prewar small HP engines
  • Rebuilding of all engine ancillaries
  • Carburettor rebuilding
  • Tappet, cam, rocker and valve rebuilding

Contact us to discuss your project.  We are glad to help you understand the process and costs involved.

In addition, when you contact us about rebuilding your engine, we'll gladly share the names and phone numbers of other Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists who share our skills and commitment to excellence.  Rebuilding an engine is no small investment and we encourage our clients to talk to several competent shops.   We look forward to chatting!




Silver Ghost Block remachined and ready to fit to crankcase


Derby Phantom 1 engine after complete restoration


While we are best known for our pre-war engine rebuilding, we are equipped with the tooling and expertise to address the early post-war 6-Cylinders and the early V8 engines.  This engine Phantom V engine was restored to Rolls-Royce standards in our facilities.