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Click here to view a video showing us line-boring a Speed Six Bentley Engine.  

Speed Six line bore
Cutting the babbit bearings for a Speed Six Bentley Team car engine. .0025" chearance on crank with a + .0005" tolerance. 8 main bearings, over three feet between 1 and 8. Stay tuned for more Videos from The Vintage Garage and see your own engine here as we work on it. 

Click here to view a video showing us cleaning the scale from a Phantom 1 Cylinder Block

Block Cleaning

The Blocks on pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars are usually heavily scaled up with lime, rust and debris from decades of use. This scale insulates the cylinder walls, creating hotspots, and displaces water, reducing cooling capacity. Ultimately, the car overheats. There is no way around de-tubing and proper cleaning. The debris coming out of this block does not include loose scale removed earlier. Stay tuned for more Videos from The Vintage Garage and see your own engine here as we work on it.

Click here to see Initial Startup of a Springfield Silver Ghost engine

Initial startup

Initial startup of a Springfield Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce engine following a complete rebuild. Engine started after second push of the start button.

Click here to view a video showing us re-tubing a Phantom 1 Cylinder Block after cleaning

Tubing Block

Re-tubing a Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Cylinder block. This shows the process of flaring, seating and swaging the copper stud tubes after mechanically cleaning the block.

WARNING: Do NOT use this video as a substitute for proper instruction on the process. What you see here is greatly accelerated and it leaves out several key steps. Incorrect installation of tubes will, at best, leave you with a leaking block. At worst you will break the casting. Only attempt this after a lot of practice and proper instruction.

Click Here to see us cutting chamfers on Bentley Speed Six bearings


Speed Six Bentley Motor line boring... cutting the chamfers on the bearings to set crankshaft position and end play. Using special cutter to cut bearing shells back to bronze and set radius.

Click here to see us drilling a stud out of a Bentley Cylinder Block using a Magnetic Base Drill:

Drilling Stud

The Drill bit is "Left Hand" and after initial drilling, the stud fragment was spun out of its hole without touching the threads. This job is risky, at best, with a hand drill!

Click Here to see us truing Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Rods and Caps:

Rod Truing

Silver Ghost connecting rods, being trued to exactly line up with the shims to ensure crush will be even. Using a specialized grinder, we remove approx. .003" in order to make mating faces flat and perpendicular to bearing mating surface.  

Click here to See us Restoring Springfield P1 Rocker Pads:

Rocker Pads

On high mileage cars, the rocker pads become worn through contact with the valve stem.  The wear causes valve noise and it becomes difficult to properly adjust the valves.  To solve this, we re-grind the pads to the correct radius and stone them to a final fit.    If your valves are making more noise than they should, consider new tappet rollers/pins and a rocker shaft restoration

Click Here to see us repairing a 4.5L W.O. Bentley Flywheel Ring Gear:

Flywheel Repair 4.5 L

This W.O. Bentley Ring Gear was damaged when a CAV starter was added to a Bentley designed to run a Smith's Starter.  The bevels are on the wrong side and the starter Bendix gear chewed up the ring gear.  The flywheel was removed and damage is removed.  New chamfers can then be cut. 

Click Here to see us repairing a 4.5L W.O. Bentley Flywheel Ring Gear:

Cutting Bevels in Bentley Ring Gear

After repairing the damage to the starter Ring Gear, using a rotary table on a Mill, we cut bevels to clear the Bendix drive.  More than 130 teeth had to be cut to an exact angle.  After reinstalling in the car, the starter functioned perfectly and will no longer damage the ring gear.