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Superlative engine rebuilding, mechanical restoration and service since 1963

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Through Bensport Spares, we have North America's largest stock of salvage, NOS and newly-made parts for prewar Rolls-Royce and Bentley Automobiles.

While our focus at The Vintage Garage is on restoration, we are fortunate to have tens of thousands of prewar Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts at our location.

For our restoration customers, this can mean the difference between smooth and rapid progress or sitting and waiting for parts to arrive.

We also sell parts, shipping worldwide.   

Contact us at (802) 233-7510 or e-mail with your parts requests.

Other Parts Resources

While we have a large selection of parts, we frequently refer our customers to parts specialists overseas and in the US.   The Rolls-Royce Owners Club ( maintains a large online list of suppliers, we list here some outstanding parts resources:

  • Prewar Large Horsepower and Smallhorsepower parts:  Fiennes Restoration
  • Prewar small horsepower and early postwar parts: Ristes Motors
  • Headlamp parts, lenses and restorations:  Vintage Headlamp Restoration
  • Ghost parts, Phantom 1 parts and spring Gaiters:  Rudys Gaiters  1-800-248-RUDY
  • Phantom II and Phantom III parts:  Mike Cicora, Iva South Carolina
  • Vintage Bentley Parts:  DH Day   011 44 (0) 1793 812 323 
  • General prewar supplies:  Paul Beck Automotive
  • General prewar supplies:  Restoration Supply Co.
  • RR Coils and Bakelite Items:  River Carriage Shop   440 333 0561
  • Electronic Ignitions, PIII carb bodies, Aluminum Washer kits; Ross Courtney Terminals:  Dennison Jayne Motors
  • Wiring supplies:  Rhode Island Wire
  • Salvage Postwar Parts:  Tony Handler, Inc.
  • New Postwar Parts:  Bentley of Zionsville