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Rapid-Turnaround Component Rebuilding

Sometimes it's not practical or desireable to bring a complete car or engine to our workshops. 

For those occasions, we work with individual owners and, frequently, with other restoration shops to recondition components on a fast-turnaround basis. 

We have the expertise as well as the jigs, tooling, reference materials, parts and experience to rebuild many items that can be beyond capability of the home workshop or non-specialist.

Types of components we frequently rebuild (along with typical costs):

  • Waterpumps ($600 - $700)
  • Starter Bendix drives ($300 - $400)
  • Carburettors ($800 - $1200)
  • Generators or starter motors ($400 - $600)
  • Rocker shafts and rockers ($700 - $800)
  • Clutch relining and parts ($800 - $1000)
  • Brake relining ($400 - $600)
  • Slipper flywheels ($800 - $1200)
  • Shock absorbers (varies widely by model)
  • Steering boxes and worms ($3000 - $4000)
  • Tappets and rollers ($500 - 600)
  • Road spring rebuilding Incl. pins and bushes ($800 - 900/spring)
  • Front and rear axles (Varies widely by model and scope of work)
  • Transmissions (Varies by model and scope of work)

Naturally, costs can vary up and down from these estimates depending on condition, parts availablity (and cost), final finish desired and car model.  We strive to give a ballpark estimate on components, but can't always be completely accurate.  Regardless, however, we will keep you informed as we progress.  

We strive to offer the best component rebuilding -- as fast as practical and with no surprises!   Contact us with your project.



Installing Reinforced Fan Blades on a Silver Ghost.  Original, brittle, unreinforced blades are an accident waiting to happen.   We can rebuild and balance your Ghost fan for safe, reliable touring.


Slipper flywheel spring plate being checked for flatness after re-grind


Phantom II Waterpump successfully returned to service.  Castings were badly oxidized and required extensive build-up with new aluminum and re-machining of casings. 


Small Horsepower Carburetter undergoing complete rebuild.  The Vintage Garage has vast experience and specialized tooling for refurbishing Royce Carbs.


Small Horsepower carb parts before restoration


Small horsepower carb parts after restoration